AI for humanity: When AI restores sight to the blind

AI is about to revolutionize every aspect of our lives. International investors are pouring millions of euros into French Tech AI-related startups with signs of further acceleration in 2018. Among the top 10 AI French Tech startups* that excel in AI today, we have chosen to zoom in on Prophesee for its fabulous disruptive innovation around artificial vision. A disruptive innovation that has already created a first silicon retina to restore sight to the blind with its unique technology!

Prophesee also just introduced this week ONBOARD, the most advanced event-based reference system combining for the first time Prophesee’s patented vision sensor and AI algorithms.

A unique technology in the world

The inventor of the world’s most advanced neuromorphic vision systems is opening up a new era of metavision for machines. Prophesee’s disruptive innovation that consists of imitating the human eye and brain enables machines to see what was previously invisible. The technology that’s unique in the world consists of an extremely fast vision processing capability that’s equivalent to 100,000 images per second. Like the human retina, which only sends information to the brain that changes, Prophesee’s technology makes it possible to record the movement of pixels independently of each other.

In other words, it enables sensors and cameras to see and analyze, for the first time, what the human eye and sensors currently available on the market cannot perceive.   The startup has created the first artificial retina made of silicon which is now marketed for systems of restoration of sight to the blind.

Created in 2014, Prophesee is a spin-off of the Paris-based international research center, the Institute of Vision dedicated to eye diseases over the past 20 years that brings together researchers, doctors and industrial players) specialized in the human brain and eye.

The Prophesee system addresses the requirements of a new generation of connected, autonomous and mobile applications.

Prophesee (formerly Chronocam) recently announced the closing of the initial tranche of its Series B financing round totaling $19 million (15.4€ million) led by a new strategic investor from the electronics industry as well as from the startup’s existing international investors. The latest round builds on the $20 million (16.3€ million) Phrophesee has raised over the past three years and will allow it to accelerate the development and industrialization of the company’s innovative technology. The potential applications of this breakthrough technology extend to many areas: autonomous vehicles, robotics, drones, industrial automation or connected objects.

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