Connecting the whole of Russia with Actility

Russia is moving ahead with its digital transformation. And they have called upon Actility to participate in the transition in collaboration with Russian telecom operator Enforta to start the process. Created by Olivier Hersent, Nicolas Jordan, Bernard Jannes and Boris Dezier in 2010, Actility is a fast rising French Tech start-up specialized in IoT. Or more specifically in the development of infrastructure management services and solutions. And also in subcontracting M2M network operators to key sectors such as logistics, connected buildings or energy and in the development of LoRaWAN, LTE-M and NB-IoT networks. 
And it’s precisely this LoRaWAN technology that Actility is deploying in Russia. 
LoRaWAN technology enables long-range extensive coverage deployment with minimum necessity of network infrastructure which is optimal for the Russian territories that span eleven-time zones.  The use of this technology will enable the monitoring of faraway pipelines through connected sensors or be used to monitor vehicles and machinery and trigger pre-emptive maintenance.  Last but not least, it can even track workers to ensure their safety during difficult missions. LoRaWAN’s primary activity focus will be in the oil, gas and mining industries.  Although in time it will benefit industrial and logistics companies by increasing the efficiency of their supply chains and operations. This project is a very first step to fulfilling the vast potential that the Russian IoT market has, a market that is estimated to reach around 800 billion rubles (11.3€ billion) by 2022.