Digitalk @ Sofia


Digitalk has become, over the past few years, one of the most influential digital technology conferences in South-East Europe, gathering the most active entrepreneurs, startups and Digital players from the region’s fast growing ecosystem.

3 young French Tech highly talented entrepreneurs at DigitalK 2017

Three new French Tech faces will appear as speakers in the conference program. All three in the 25-year-old age group, represent a few of the bold and innovative emerging talent of La French Tech community, committed to responding to many of our society’s rising challenges and needs with breakthrough Digital Tech solutions.

Founder and CEO of Goodeed, a platform to democratize online donations among active young people through advertising, Vincent Touboul Flachaire will give a 20   minute keynote on reinventing philanthropy to help NGOs find new sources of funding. The potential is huge today to boost donations in a whole new way for associations and reduce economic costs at the same time!

Louisa Mesnard, cofounder of Citron, and Jean-Sébastien Wallez, cofounder and CEO of Peter, two Facebook Messenger chatbots services will speak in a panel discussion on the future of chatbot technologies and their integration to existing platforms such as Facebook Messenger. A figure of today’s international enterprising young women, Louisa Mesnard, Franco-Irish, has been highly active in the French ecosystem over the past few years working on very exciting projects such as Textfugees (winner of the 2016 Techfugees hackathon that uses technology to help refugees) and StartHer (an online platform and network to promote and encourage Tech entrepreneurship among women). In 2016, she cofounded Citron, a Facebook Messenger conversational chatbot that gives personalized tips in both French and English, through IA, for places to go in your city (restaurants, museums, bars, etc.).

A very early startup founder, Jean-Sébastien Wallez created Noospher, at 22, a digital idea box and one of the very first e-democracy startup projects in France. A strong believer that in today’s age of free and instant information our 300-year-old schooling model is obsolete, Jean-Sébastien cofounded Peter in 2016. It’s a Facebook Messenger chatbot that connects students who need assistance when studying any subject.  They can connect with other students who are ready to help out. His conviction is that new technologies like AI and AR will make learning more personal, meaningful and fun for everyone.

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