French Deep Tech excellence shone at CES 2018

If you were in Eureka Park at the beginning of the year, chances are that you ran into a few red roosters in the hall and so discovered a bunch of French startups. Matter of fact, La French Tech accounted for one third of the exhibitors on the CES startup scene and was the 1st foreign force.

Although several sectors were represented, with a total of 30 CES awarded startups, French Deep Tech promises lived up to interest expectations, with many notable figures such as Blade, creator of cloud-computer Shadow, or Lancey, winner of a Best of Innovation award for the first electric heater with an integrated battery along.

Disruptive innovations with a purpose

French companies represented 7 % of all exhibitors at this year CES and a leading contingent on the startup front with 1 third of the attendees in Eureka Park. In just a few years, La French Tech has fast risen to a recognized leading startup and innovation ecosystem on the global tech landscape. But it’s not just about big numbers: at CES 2018, French startups brought strong evidence that they were scaling up too and coming up with purposeful disruptive innovations to tackle planetary challenges of the 21st century.

The strongest signal of this evolution is probably the upswing of French Deep Tech startups buoyed by IoT and AI unicorns like Sigfox and Netatmo, that are competing with the big groups and sometimes even surpass them! Yes, that’s right! at least that’s what the findings of the recent Wavestone survey revealed. France’s expertise in deep tech technologies owes much to the caliber of its engineering and mathematic schools and now its 18 master degrees in AI.

Among the 30 awarded startups for their innovations in Vegas this year, two of them obtained the very prestigious “Best of Innovation” awards for Deep Tech innovations: Blue Frog Robotics, developer of Buddy, a most friendly family companion robot that helps people live more easily and safely, and Lancey Energy Storage. Lancey’s brilliant idea is a breakthrough smart electric heater with a battery and an energy management system which makes it 50% cheaper to run than any other electric heater.

But creativity is a shared value whatever the sector. Ween AI, for example, set the concept of AoT or Autonomy of Things, in other words connected objects dedicated to your comfort by anticipating your needs based on geolocation and your habits. So, a thermostat that makes the house warm for when you get home, a vacuum-cleaner that automatically works when you are away. Nice!  In Deep Tech, Navya (autonomous vehicles), Diabeloop (an artificial pancreas dotted with captors and a complex algorithm to provide the right dose of insulin to diabetic people), Chronocam (bio-inspired vision technology that enables machines to see), Dibotics (a suite of Intellectual Property, Algorithms and Engineering services to achieve mobile autonomy, advanced 3D perception and situation awareness) are just a few other striking examples which got noticed at CES. All this paved the way to many new French Tech successes in 2018.