French IoT Startups in Full Force at IFA 2017


Berlin, 7th September 2017 – La French Tech, international startup and innovation ecosystem, made quite a splash for its first-time participation in IFA Berlin. With 28 highly innovative startups, out of a total of 130 startups present at the show, La French Tech was the biggest international startup delegation at IFA Berlin 2017. The booth was also strategically located in the new IFA Next zone, specially created to bring startups, researchers and global innovation leaders together under the same roof. La French Tech opened big opportunities for the 28 startups, all selected on competition based on their high potential for international development, to present their innovative connected objects to a multitude of international visitors ranging from distributors and retailers to consumers.


Tempow, that is replacing the Bluetooth driver on smartphones to enable the user to send music to multiple Bluetooth devices at once, secured its very first global partnership to ship five million flagship Motorola smartphones in 2017.

Sensorwake, the startup that makes second generation, olfactory alarm clocks to bring well-being into daily lives through fragrances, announced its new name Bescent at IFA and that it joined forces with Lexibook, the European leader in licensed electronic products for children. Kids can now wake up to their favourite heroes giving them a sweet and magical morning experience.

A distinguished visitor at IFA Next
The Mayor of Berlin, Michael Müller, on his visit to the French Tech booth discovers Winkbar by startup Velco, a smart and connected handlebar that cyclists can control on their smartphone. The bikers can avail of GPS-assisted navigation, geo-positioning of their bike with luminous built-in headlights.

IoT startups in multiple areas of application showcased and pitched their technologies.
A quick glance at a sample few.


Bixi, by startup Bluemint labs, the unique user-friendly gesture control remote that can be used with any connected device from TV to tablet or smartphone. Pierre-Hugues Davoine, who pitched on the IFA Next stage as part of IFA Business Days, pointed to Bixi’s high-potential application areas from automotive – to minimize distraction from smartphones and dashboard buttons – to public transport and spaces, for those with reduced mobility, as well as medical and chemical industries for touch-free interfaces

“We have been approached spontaneously by some big global leaders and we have already formed partnerships with Philips Hue for lamps as well as with Go Pro…” P.-H. Davoine tells us.

Meet Fenotek , the startup that launched Hi), a smart connected video intercom. Hi) that secures the home with a reliable and high-performance doorbell and enables the family to stay connected to their home at any time.


Meet startup Iskn, that makes smart digital drawing pads.  Iskn launched the Slate 2+ that brings “the authentic drawing experience with all the benefits of digital technology”


Startup Protec.card unveiled its first smart credit card case that alerts the user if they forget, lose or have their credit card stolen avoiding unnecessary cancellation. It’s designed to prevent card data piracy. The tech innovation lies in detecting the absence or removal of the credit card. The card holder is notified on his or her smartphone in less than five minutes if the card is lost or stolen. The case was made to fit into a regular wallet or purse.