French Tech at Vegas, the best is yet to come


Before they hit the road for Vegas, start-ups, investors, innovators and disruptors all got together at Station F, the epicenter of tech advancement in Paris, on Tuesday December 19th. A full day, and evening of Christmas festivities, talks, fun and an exclusive zoom on French Tech presence at CES 2018. The iPod creator, Tony Fadell, was amongst the keynotes who told his tale of success -and failure! – to a captivated audience and then came the long-awaited unveiling of French Tech participation in CES 2018!

The figures say it all. With over 320 startups and scaleups, including 274+ in Eureka Park, almost 100 more than in 2017, French Tech is about to be the leading startup contingent at CES, just behind the US delegation and way ahead other foreign delegations. This says a lot about the stratospheric rise of the French scene over the past few years. And also the dynamic aspirations of French entrepreneurs who now systematically think “global” from the start. SmartHome and HealthTech will take center stage with respectively 67+ and 49+ startups at the show, but many other areas will be under the spotlight: SmartCity, Transport, VR, Robots, Mobility, Components… to name but a few. They will all gravitate around French Tech stand in Eureka Park, a rallying point for all Made in France innovation!

You might say that its presence is impressive but actually the best is yet to come. The level of French Tech breakthrough technology is clearly unprecedented this year: 30 startups are clinching no less than 42 CES awards in 28 different categories, and it looks like even more will be unveiled during the event. These distinctions include two very prestigious “Best of innovation” awards for Blue Frog Robotics, with their unique companion robot named Buddy, and Lancey Energy Storage, that designed the very first smart electric heater with an integrated battery.

All this points to how French Tech startups are gaining new momentum in the spiraling area of Deep Tech. All is reported about the ascension of Europe’s, and in particular France’s fertile ground for growth in the Wavestone “Deep Tech Global Investor Survey” also revealed this week. If AI, machine learning, VR, blockchain and the Internet of Things have become the center of attention for French start-uppers and tech-innovators, it is also because France seems to have an acute expertise in the matter, as the survey brings to light. France, home of the world biggest Deep Tech event with Hello Tomorrow Global Summit, is a fast-rising up-and-coming hub for this engineering and scientific innovation area in Europe.

French Tech unicorns and high-end scaleups will also be in Vegas, Sigfox, Actility, Netatmo, those that are paving the way for new generation French Tech!

We want to see or hear from you as of January 9th on the French Tech stand (#50617) for all of you who are keen to see it all! Kicking off at 9.45 am on the dot Gary Shapiro will officially cut the rubbon with French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs, Mounir Mahjoubi.