French Tech innovation on display at prestigious EM Tech France event in Toulouse


EM Tech France was back in the south west of the country, in the Pink City of Toulouse on October 10-11, where emerging technologies developed by researchers and experts were showcased during the latest installment of the Emerging Technology Conference (EmTech) series organized by the prestigious MIT Technology Review.

The largest and most esteemed conference on emerging technologies in Europe gathered 30 national and international experts to share their visions on emerging technologies with a special focus in the areas of AI, neuroscience and robotics.

10 highly innovative, emerging technology startups from France were selected by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology were given the opportunity to pitch their projects and convince investors of their potential. And, aim for the title of the Best Emerging Tech Startup 2017.

The startups chosen for the pitching session were selected from particularly strategic sectors for the future:


Biomodex – that prints 3D organs to enable surgeons to practice before actual surgery

DNAScript – creates synthetically derived DNA

NovaGray – developed first tests that enable radiation oncologists to identify patients likely to have severe side-effects before the treatment starts


AirSeas – working within Airbus is working on building an eco-friendly flying-wing strong enough to tow ships

GazelleTech – builds ultra-light vehicles

Limatech – is working on innovative batteries for aeronautics

AccelaD – designs software to improve the design of electronic cards for the automotive industry  


Aprendices Visuales -, a Franco-Spanish project that aims at helping autistic children to learn how to read


ImpactVision -, a cutting-edge technology that explains food nutritional qualities and freshness in a flash.


Braini – develops a brain computer interface that can control a drone

It was a highly competitive field of entrants for the prestigious jury of judges to choose from. In the end, the innovation of bio-tech firm NovaGray won them over. The Montpelier-based firm wasawarded  “Best startup of the year” for its work on improved and personalized radiation therapy cancer treatment. Now, NovaGray will move on to the international competition at the main EmTech event, to be held November 6 at MIT in Boston.

The EMTech France event was just another example of the innovation of French Tech companies emanating from all corners of the country and across a variety of industry sectors. Congratulations to all the participants and it will be exciting to see the impact they have in the future.