French Tech Startup Showcase @ Air France SFO Business Lounge

Air France and French Tech San Francisco have been working together to create a tech area in Air France business lounge at San Francisco airport. 4 startups have been showcasing their product and solution since March 28th, for 3 months.


The idea emerged from the observation that several hundreds of people stop by the lounge every day. These people can work and relax in the lounge. Some are also keen to discover content. Air France team at San Francisco airport (SFO) thought about providing a sneak peek to Silicon Valley in their business lounge. What more local than showcasing some of the innovations that are being developed here? And with a French filter, after all, this is Air France.

This is were French Tech San Francisco came into play. The Hybrid public private initiative federates and supports the local ecosystem of French entrepreneurs in 35 city worldwide. The Silicon Valley chapter of La French Tech thrives to remove frictions to the development of these startups through events, introductions and external communication about success stories from the ecosystem. The idea to bring startups to the lounge is perfectly aligned with French Tech San Francisco mission, and so they enthusiastically supported the creation of this program.

On March 28th, a Startup Showcase Room has been inaugurated in Air France SFO business lounge. 4 selected startups display their hardware – if applicable – and showcase their solutions on tablets to the guests stopping by. Guests are able to learn about the startups and ask to get in touch with them. Screens also cast trailers of startups from the French Tech ecosystem of the bay area as well of videos about La French Tech initiative itself. Here is the trailer of the inauguration.

The 4 startups you can discover there are:
Daylighted: bringing art everywhere with their SmartGallery is a technology that connects any screen to the art communities.
Dreem: by Rythm: the headband that enhances the quality of your sleep‎ merging neuroscience and technology to improve every step of your sleep. This is the first product of the company Ryhtm
JOY their Octopus watch is the training wheel for kids towards good habits. This is the first product of JOY, which mission is to reinvent how parents share time with their children.
WineSona: when data science and sommelier knowledge lead to your individual wine personna. WineSona is a tool to guide wine lovers to wines they will like.

The Consul General of France in San Francisco came to inaugurate the space with Air France, in the presence of the CIO of SFO and some of his team as well as the startups.

“As an entrepreneur I see how critical it is to be visible to potential partners and customers when you’re a startup. This showcase gives a huge opportunity to startups to get feedback from a qualified audience.” – Jérôme Lecat, CEO of Scality.

“This program is a win-win-win where a large corporation and startups collaborate through the help of La French Tech. That’s one of the main objectives of La French Tech initiative and I believe in the value of such synergies for the whole ecosystem.” – Réza Malekzadeh, General Partner at Partech Ventures.

Every 3 months startups will rotate. Startups can apply for the next 3 month period through an application form. Criteria are to have an office in the bay area, being a tech startup and having at least one French co-founder or c-level. A selection jury will be held to select the startups with board members of Air France, French Tech San Francisco and representatives of some organisations of the local ecosystem.

This is a first step of an exciting project bringing clear value to both the guests of the lounge and the startups of the ecosystem.