How tech can create positive impact for our society

Tech and scientific innovation can be a powerful lever to resolve societal problems. To achieve this more than 70 French entrepreneurs and investors in Tech & Science for Good launched FEST, France Eco-Social Tech. Their goals? Innovate with a purpose, innovate to create a positive impact, work together with the aim of resolving day-to-day societal and planetary issues.
Full spotlight in this issue on two revolutionary Tech for Good start-ups that are innovating positively to contribute to a better planet and a better society: Glowee that is developing lighting energy from living organisms as a smart alternative to electric lighting and Meet My Mama that has a clear mission, reveal the talents of women from diverse migration through an online catering service offering authentic cuisine from around the world, homemade by top chefs, the Mamas!


The bright idea for natural and sustainable light production
Did you know that 15% of global electricity consumption is used for lighting? This represents 1.7 tons of CO2 every year!
Glowee, launched in 2014, came up with the bright idea of producing light naturally to respond to the economic and ecological challenges of lighting with the development of biological lighting based on bioluminescence. So what’s that about you might ask? Well, it’s the production and emission of light by living organisms such as fireflies, glow-worms and over 80 % of marine organisms.


A bio-inspired revolution with bioluminescence 
The creative team of 13, including 8 scientists, develops bioluminescent raw material made of micro-organisms that can grow indefinitely. They then engineer these micro-organisms to make them more efficient in terms of light production.
Bio-economy is a strategic challenge for industries today. Glowee is working with wellness organizations, energy companies, architects, municipalities, real estate companies, and artists to respond to their sustainable lighting needs. A brilliantly bio-inspired revolution with bioluminescence that was selected by the MIT Technology Review amongst the most promising innovators of the planet under the age of 35!


Mama mia, come meet the Mamas
How can entrepreneurs contribute to building a better society in a changing world? How can meaning and purpose be brought to people’s jobs? How can we be useful for today’s and tomorrow’s generations? These are the questions that three young entrepreneurs raised before launching their social business start-up. Convinced about the necessity to act and eager to respond now to these challenges, Youssef Oudhaman, 29, Loubna Ksibi 24, and Donia Souad Amamra 25, thought up and set up the initiative.


So who are the Mamas?

They’re women who come from around the world and have been in France for a few months or a few years. They’re generally called refugees, immigrants or expatriates… “We prefer to call them Mamas” say the energetic co-founders of the start-up. “And especially since these women have a unique know-how in their home country’s cuisine and this talent certainly deserves to be discovered and appreciated”. 


Authentic and ethical cuisine from around the world


An online delicatessen and caterer that concocts culinary delights and encounters from around the world for companies or in transient restaurants for individuals. The aim is to enable the women, the Mamas, to reveal their talent, to assert themselves either by becoming a chef in a restaurant or by setting up their own restaurant for brunches and dinners.  


How does it work? 
Recruited by associations for refugees the women are accompanied by Meet My Mama with the objective of helping them make the transition from refugee centers to independent entrepreneurs. Each Mama is coached and trained in finance, culinary design, speech training, digital. 
The start-up was initially hosted by La Ruche incubator then accelerated by The Family before basing itself at Station F in Paris.