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Award-winning French startups at Computex 2018 in Taipei

La French Tech brings worldwide champion startups in Taiwan for Computex 2018 and confirms its high implication in Taiwan tech ecosystem.

La French Tech takes the lead in global prime tech events since 2013: CEs Las Vegas, Web Summit, Mobile World Congress, SXSW, and many more, with the commitment of french actors such as Business France.

As Computex is the most important tech event in Asia, it’s only natural for La French Tech to come back to Taïwan. In 2017, La French Tech took the exhibition by storm, rising as the most dynamic international delegation, shining attention to solid startups such as Sigfox, Devialet and A-Volute.

In 2018, for the third consecutive year, Taitra and Business France work hand in hand, to bring incredible coverage for the Computex, with strong and award-winning companies from France. All of them won accolades by the most prestigious recognitions: CES Innovation Awards, Med Startup award, Station F program, etc.  Located in the InnoVEX hall, “this selection is aimed to show the best of French technology, covering AI, VR but also IoT, connectivity, healthcare, and the hot topic of privacy. We prioritize innovative companies with great potential for collaboration with Taiwan tech partners,” says Gia To, Senior trade advisor at Business France.

With the worldwide actions, France is recognized as one of the world’s fastest growing tech ecosystems, fueled by world class talent, support for startups and entrepreneur-friendly policies. That’s why in addition to the startups, la French Tech invites two important incubators and accelerators from France: 3DExperience Lab by Dassault Systèmes, and EuraTechnologies. 3DEXPERIENCE Lab is a startup accelerator program for disruptive startups in the world, powered by Dassault Systèmes, the leader in 3D software, like SolidWorks, Catia, empowering all the creativity of all tech projects. EuraTechnologies, the French incubator and accelerator, is a centre of excellence and innovation located in Lille on 80,000 m². Established in 2009, EuraTechnologies has been ranked in Europe’s top 10 accelerators by Fundacity, with 300+ companies, 4000+ employees, 300+ supported projects, 500+ annual events, 170M € + fundraising.

Rendez-vous at Computex / InnoVEX, June 6th to 8th!

The French Tech delegation at Computex 2018:

Snips – Using voice to make technology disappear

Created in 2013 as an AI research lab, the vision behind Snips has been to put an AI voice assistant in every device, making technology so intuitive that it disappears into the background. Snips is an embedded voice recognition platform for connected devices – large and small. Through Snips’ unique approach to specializing and pre-training voice assistants specifically for the different use cases for which they have been designed, the clients get natural language cloud performance on device without having to send data to the cloud for processing or storage.

Go Touch VR – Feel what you see in the virtual world

Go Touch VR is an innovation design company delivering touch solutions for VR and AR. By putting on VRtouch, when the users touch or move something in the virtual world, they will be able to feel them, making actions more precise in VR and AR. The use of Go Touch VR’s haptic technology can facilitate different processes in the business world. The four active fields in which they have academic and corporate clients are training, engineering, showcasing and data interaction.

Team8 – Stay healthy with your Superhero watch

Team8 is a connectable watch for kids from 5-12 years old. In this watch fitted with a 2.2-inch screen, users can customize their own superhero. The superheroes can be used in many games, alone or with friends. Kids can also connect and oppose two superheroes against each other. The energy of the superheroes comes from exercise, so the more the kids exercise, the stronger their superheroes will be! What’s more, the watch contains a camera to collect tags for the superheroes, to record food and to check allergens by scanning barcodes, do picture and little movies. Parents can also send messages and reminders to the watch, and if necessary, activate geolocation function. But behind a cool and fun universe, Team8 is building the 1st health platform for kids.

Nahimic – 3D Sound Expert

Created by two engineering students in France, Tuyen Pham and Ambroise Recht, A-Volute has expanded their unique products to the point of innovation thanks to their expertise in acoustics and audio software development. As a pioneer in software with 3D audio and sound spatialization technologies, they created Nahimic, a system that makes recreating all the spatiality of sound on a classic stereo listening system possible. Nahimic aims to provide natural, immersive, and high-quality sound, especially for avid gamers to enhance their performance in the gaming world. Nahimic 3D audio solution is included today in leading PC and headphones gaming manufacturers (Asus, MSI, etc.).

R-PUR – Anti-pollution mask filtering nano-particles

R-PUR was founded in Paris, France in 2016 by a young and creative team. They designed and created stylish and effective anti-pollution masks that are completely made in France. In each high-end mask that offers the best of the protection against pollution, there are two layers of filters of NANO Filtration® and a layer of active carbon. The exterior of the mask is protected by water-resistant fabric, and with the specially designed valve, breathing with the mask on is just as easy as usual. The soft thermal-control® fabric covers the interior to ensure comfort when wearing. Coming in several different designs and colors, the masks are also adapted to all types of helmets, keeping all two-wheelers who wear them in style.

Tempow – Building products that push Bluetooth limits

Tempow creates a new audio experiences and change the way you listen to music. Established in 2016 in Paris, Tempow created a revolutionary software product to enhance hardware capabilities. You’ll be able to connect multiple Bluetooth devices to your smartphone (and not only one). This way, you can stream music from one smartphone to several Bluetooth speakers or headphones. Tempow technology is already integrated in the new Motorola X4 smartphone, and is also working on a new product dedicated to gaming smartphones.

3dRudder – Get your feet into Virtual Reality!

3dRudder was founded in 2014 in Marseille, France and has an office in New York, NY. The flagship product of the same name, 3dRudder, is a foot-powered controller for games and virtual reality, which takes the space limitations out of the room-scale VR experience. Users control their motion intuitively with their feet seated, leaving the hands free to grab hand controllers and maximize the immersion while playing games.  For gamers, designers, architects, and professionals who want to do more in their 3D digital environments, 3dRudder keeps your hands free and enables total immersion in a virtual reality.

Digitsole – Footwear. Reinvented.

Digitsole is the world leader in connected footwear. Their technology integrates electronics and energy into footwear to offer consumers more functions to bring significant comfort and well-being. Digitsole reinvents footwear for a daily use that completely modifies the industry’s standards. Our goal isn’t to gadgetize footwear, but to make it smart and useful: Digitsole isn’t an Evolution, it’s a Revolution. Their smart sole enables 3D analysis of your stride, activity tracking and Pedaling Technique Analysis (PTA), fatigue level and injury risk detection. Digitsole also invented the first auto-tightening, interactive, heating and shock absorbing sneaker.

GlobalExam – Become a Global Player

GlobalExam is the first e-learning platform 100% dedicated to online preparation for language proficiency tests (in total 15 exams covering 5 languages, including TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, HSK, DELF, DELE, WiDaF). For five years now, GlobalExam has helped more than 200,000 students train for their language exams. GlobalExam has also partnered with 300+ institutions (language schools, training centres, LMS, agents) across more than 10 countries to distribute the solution to end-users.  GlobalExam has developed extensive content as well as a very customer-friendly platform (30,000 questions and corrections designed by professionals. Content is maintained daily and new material published regularly). GlobalExam has developed an aesthetic, user-friendly interface. 93% of the users recommend the platform.

VirtualiSurg – Virtual Reality for surgical practice

The training of surgeons and their teams is a lever for a better healthcare risk management. The solution of VirtualiSurg is to offer a simulation of surgical operations through realistic & interactive immersion with Virtual Reality, with cutting-edge technology and biomechanical and medical engineering. The training units make use of technologies that are best suited to the needs of both individual and collective training. They are conceived from surgical practice and from the analysis of skills acquisition needs. The teaching is based on work expertise of surgical teams: surgeons, interns, operating rooms’ nurses and nurse anesthetists.