La French Tech Berlin celebrates one year of building bridges between French & German tech…and sheds light on Deep Tech

On the sidelines of Disrupt Berlin, in one of the city’s quirkiest and avant-garde venues, Urban Spree, the French Tech Hub organized its very first birthday party on the evening of December 5th last.

To mark a year of Franco-German accomplishments on the Berlin tech scene, the French Tech Hub chose the theme Can Europe be the world’s epicenter for Deep Tech and AI? 350 French and German entrepreneurs, investors, tech game changers and influencers who came along to the party to join the conversation were greatly enthusiastic about the topic.

Deep exploring into Deep Tech

Big Data and AI will considerably change our lives. Deep tech is, and will continue to have a profound impact on a wide range of developing and emerging application areas from artificial intelligence, machine learning to virtual and augmented reality and blockchain.

Cream of the crop French and German deep tech experts debated with digital players from a variety of sectors to explore the different facets of this emerging technology which is shaping the future our planet. Romain Dillet, Tech Crunch, who moderated the debate, also brought insights and vision on the power of Deep tech and how France is well positioned to lead the way on this technology.

  • Romain Dillet, Writer, Techcrunch (Moderator)
  • Fabian Westerheide, CEO Asgard & founder of the Rise of AI
  • Xavier Duportet, Founder of Eligo Science // Hello Tomorrow
  • Christian v. Hardenberg, CTO Delivery Hero
  • Uli Schmitz, MD Axel Springer Digital Ventures, French Tech Hub Ambassador
  • Thibault Hanin, CEO Synthesio, French Tech Hub Ambassador

The Berlin startup scene is a magnet for inventive talent.  It’s bubbling with diverse consumer-oriented creativity essentially attracting e-commerce companies and services.

But as Fabian Westerheide pointed out during the panel discussion, Deep Tech, AI and Big Data are different.  Developing a startup in these areas requires considerably more and specialized resources, longer time and deeper knowledge.  “So far most investments in AI are focused on business execution rather than technology,” he said.

The co-creation community

The event also created the opportunity to look at achievements just one year after the launch of the Berlin French Tech Hub. The joint experience between Berlin-based French startups and German investors and tech players has hugely lived up to ambitions through co-creation, networking and developing mutually beneficial tech projects.

Berlin French Tech startups are flourishing in a diversity of sectors, IoT, Foodtech and HRTech. Ellistra, for example, the digital on-the-job coach to increase wellbeing at work, or, a robot detection program that analyzes web traffic with high precision. And, there are those that are clearly scaling up like in HRTech as well as POMP Fuel in Automotive Tech   These startups and many more have found fertile soil in Berlin with the guidance and backing of French Tech.

A number of thematic events organized by French Tech Berlin over recent months brought together specialized and interested players in other tech areas.  Digital health, is one example, with the startup that is fast becoming a household name, Doctolib, the platform tool that aims at connecting patients with MDs and health professionals and managing schedules. Another event “Disrupt Space” focused on space tech, Deep Tech and IoT that drew in crowds of disruptive tech enthusiasts. Not to bypass the #IoT Battle, when French Tech met German Tech when five French and five German IoT startups pitched before investors around IFA Berlin last September.

Building Franco-German tech bridges

Connecting French startups with German investors, guiding them to set up and scale up and orienting German startups in the right direction to set up in France, that’s what the French Tech Hub is about.

Franco-German startup collaboration has been highly rewarding in bringing together established industries, startups, innovation and complementary knowledge sharing. This has all contributed to building a dynamic Franco-German tech community for entrepreneurs, investors and influencers.

The French Tech Berlin is all about building bridges between two highly dynamic start-up ecosystems to create and share value, knowledge, insights and opportunities and foster a strong and fruitful spirit based on innovation, creativity and entrepreneurship. 

“French Tech is a very open community. Everyone who wants to foster this culture of innovation within this community is warmly welcome” is the message conveyed by Thibaud Hanin CEO Synthesio, French Tech Hub Ambassador.