La French Tech in the limelight at Slush 2017


Are there polar bears in Helsinki? That’s how the Slush FAQ opens!

In one of the world’s most Northern capitals, at the gloomiest time of the year with temperatures hovering around zero, 20,000 tech-heads gathered to drive the entrepreneurial tech sphere forward a  week or so ago. 8 inspiring French keynote speakers shone on the conference stages including Mounir Mahjoubi, French Secretary of State for Digital Affairs on the future of European Tech, over 30 French Tech startups radiated with disruptive innovation from AI to Medtech and cybersecurity … and that’s not all. Atomico’s 2017 report released in collaboration with the Slush event provided yet further evidence  on the sharp rise of La French Tech on the European tech startup scene.

Spotlight on Mounir Mahjoubis keys to success for European Tech

As crowds of international startups and investors listened with keen interest around the Fireside Stage, Mounir Mahjoubi defined the contours on how to make Europe an AI giant and outlined the what it takes to become a leader on this strategic technology. “Europe has the three key driving forces to succeed, he stated: the best researchers on the planet in AI; the best public data; the best GDP that enables Europe to invest”. “It is high time to build an added value European ecosystem on AI, with a shared vision and a clear strategy” he said. For that, Europe can rely on the strength of its diversity, with more women in tech today, on its human-centric focus and also on its culture of risk control and the anticipation of ethical issues.

Mounir Mahjoubi put forward four distinct steps to get there: make Europe a unique digital market; overcome the skills and tools hurdle for all citizens, bottom up; create a playground with the same rules for all digital players; and good public funding. He added that we now of course need to shift from words to action!

Many of the attendees of Slush also tuned into leading VC investor Martin Mignot’s insights on how to power Europe’s next wave of entrepreneurs, and to Géraldine le Meurs (Co-founder Le Web) ideas on how to make it possible to build the next Google in Europe.

The 2017 Atomico-Slush report positions La French Tech as a promising ecosystem  

A drum roll for European Tech in the midst of Slush effervescence, the latest Atomico report produced in collaboration with Slush created a quite a buzz. La French Tech results were for the first time ahead of the UK in terms of deals.  The report positions the French startup and innovation ecosystem as a flourishing and promising market with an unparalleled number of early stages startups.

A nice run for SY Link in the Slush 100 competition

Cybersecurity startup SY Link was a serious contender at Slush 100 with its ” secure, connected life!” an innovative solution based on the most powerful algorithms in the world.  SYLink scans, analyzes, detects, and alerts the user in the event of danger. With the user-friendly mobile SYLink application for Smartphones, you control the security of your home at all times. The startup had to respond to a pretty serious challenge since it was another French cybersecurity champion, Cybel Angel, that won the title in 2016. But they proved to be up to the task and succeeded in finishing the pitch race in the top 10!

A quick glance at…

…just a few of the hottest startups that showcased their disruptive solutions at the French Tech Pavilion:

FFLY4U “Low-frequency tracking service for mobile assets”
To help blue industrial chips to create customer-value through Industrial IoT, Ffly4u is specialized in embedded information on mobile and non-powered assets.

“Improving the lives of people in care, one home at a time”
Domalys  manufactures innovative solutions that improve the lives of people in care. To prevent falls and a loss of autonomy, Domalys’ design department has  notably worked with health professionals to develop Aladin, a real care assistant.

“Analyse how your sales documents are read”
Tilkee is a cloud-based app that optimises prospect follow-up by tracking sales proposals and marketing content and predicting sales. Tilkee analyses your prospects’ reading behaviour to help you precisely gauge their interest and their willingness to sign, all in real time!


“Creating devices that enable new mobile AR & entertainment experiences”
Optinvent engineers and delivers cutting edge wearable tech products. This disruptive new category of wearable devices opens the door to a world of possibilities in mobile augmented reality.

Over 20 French Tech startups pitched to interested international investors during the show.

And, nope there are no polar bears in Helsinki!