Lydia to become more than a simplified payment app

French Fintech is rising and multiple startups are seizing opportunities in bringing disruptive easy and fast banking solutions to many.  Lydia is just one.

Lydia the startup that specializes in peer-to-peer payment, that has taken France by storm is continuing its expansion to go beyond borders. The concept?  It’s very simple. You can send money to anyone who has a Lydia account and they will receive the transfer automatically.  If they don’t, they will receive a link, which allows you to enter your IBAN and receive the wire from Lydia. But today, Lydia is becoming so much more. 

It has now integrated several new features such as Apple Pay making it possible to use your balance directly from the app wherever Mastercard and Apple Pay are accepted. Lydia also just launched Lydia Premium, a new financial platform with an array of banking features, offering its clients an IBAN menu, E-wallet features, possibility to have recurring transactions, an overview of multiple accounts. Increased activity by Lydia isn’t just a coincidence, with more than a million registered users, Lydia is now the leader in peer-to-peer payments in France. The startup has also recently raised just over 13 million euros for its funding, launched its product in the UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal and more than 2,000 people are now signing up to Lydia every day.  The horizon looks extremely clear for the French Fintech startup!