Success Breeds Success. Tempow shows how French Tech pays it forward


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Tempow is an emerging star on the French Tech scene. The Paris-based startup made a big splash at IFA in Berlin when Motorola announced it would use Tempow’s innovative Bluetooth technology in its new generation of smartphones. It’s a big deal for a company started two years ago by a group of first time entrepreneurs. But the success of Tempow typifies a new generation of French startups who are fueling momentum for France’s growing reputation as a start up nation. As breakthrough as the Tempow innovation is – it’s the first to allow a single device to connect to multiple wireless speakers via Bluetooth – the founders know that being part of the French tech ecosystem was a key part of their success so far.

Read how Tempow is benefitting from the ‘pay it forward’ mentality of French Tech, as well as taking a global view of how to build a and scale a startup from Paris. The complete story is on the La French Tech Medium page