TechCrunch Disrupt @ Berlin


For the French Tech Berlin 1st anniversary, the French Tech will be coming for the first time, to Disrupt – Techcrunch in Berlin on December 5th.

8 top level startups will be showcasing covering such AI, Chatbots, Augmented Reality, Healthcare, HR etc.

Have a look to whom you can meet hereunder:

  • Quantmetry: Lymphometry is a brand-new connected device to prevent lymphedema
  • Adok: New interfaces for businesses and specific environments
  • Brennus Analytics: AI dedicated to dynamic pricing
  • Comet: The tech and data engineers, qualified by Comet, on-demand in less than 48 hours
  • Botfuel: An enterprise grade chatbot building platform for developers.
  • Team8: Connectable watch for kids merging Fun, Health & Security.
  • Wyker: Respond to the need of 40% of concert tickets are unsold each year while 92% of people already renounced to go to a concert because they didn’t know with who to go!
  • Datarespect: Solutions to help companies tobe compliant to GDPR and to manipule easily users’ data

The celebrations will be followed by a great French Tech Night on december 5th @Urban Spree in Berlin, focusing on AI & Deeptech. You can find all relevant information here: