Voodoo gets its game right and catches the eye of Goldman Sachs

It is estimated that 2.3 billion gamers around the world will spend $137.9 billion on games in 2018 on a global market that’s worth more than $125 billion today and growing*!
Perhaps this is one of the reasons why Voodoo succeeded its recent master strike in obtaining the whopping sum of $200 million from Goldman Sachs, one of the biggest fundings for a French Tech start-up since 2015. The start-up that claims to “make casual mobile games and help create hit games” has clearly devised the right strategy at a time of fast growing demand for mobile games.


Whizzy at spotting high-potential games


Created in 2013, the start-up that develops, publishes and distributes consumer games in partnership with 400 studios around the world, has come a long way. Voodoo is whizzy at spotting the games that are most likely to be profitable quickly. Voodoo’s free-of-charge games are among the most-downloaded worldwide by smartphone users via App Store and Google Play. It has about 150 million regular users per month and its games were downloaded about 300 million times last year. Objective for 2018: one billion downloads!

Multi-directional exploration
Voodoo, co-founded by Alexandre Yazdi and Laurent Ritter, creator of emblematic games such as Paper.io, Dune and Snake vs Block is changing scale. This new remarkable funding will enable the start-up to recruit computer engineers and product managers to develop new social and media apps for its users and make better use of the data it collects. 

The start-up is in a phase of multi-directional exploration and experimentation! The ambition for Goldman Sachs’ investment is aimed at accompanying Voodoo in its hyper-growth and accelerate global expansion.

*Source NewZoo 2018